UP SD40-2's NEW Layout
Well, after 3 moves, getting married, and buying a house(and a whole ton of other stuff we don't need to talk about Misngth ) , I'm Back! Thumbsup yep, its Deano :mrgreen:

Monday night after work I stopped by Menards and picked up the wood I needed to start my NEW LAYOUT! This layout will end up being 16'x11' , two foot wide all the way around(modular style) and will be 4' high off the ground. I ended up getting two 2'x8' sections of 3/4 plywood, and enough wood for framing and the legs. This will at least give me one side of the layout to start with. I would have loved to get all the wood for the whole layout at once, but with all the new bills I now have, just wasn't possible, I'm going to do this in sections so it will take some time.

As I mentioned, I have been through a few moves in the last few years, I have all my trains boxed up but haven't even looked at some of my stuff in years, I am kind of scarred to open a few of the boxes, I hope all is well and not destroyed Eek The only things I am sure are ok are the collection of stuff I have of Waynes, it was all put back in the same box I got them in and has been in every bedroom closet I have had in the last few years Thumbsup . After I get up the first two sections this weekend I am going to start opening boxes, it will be exciting to say the least.

I hate to say it but I am unsure on what exactly the layout is going to be, though I am leaning on doing the UP during the mergers(80's - today). I also have no idea of the track plan other then it has to have a mainline with only two switches on it, one on each side of the layout, other then that...I got nothing, yet Misngth . I was thinking perhaps one side of the layout in Midwest theme, with the other side looking like out west, would be a real challenge for me. ALL advice and input is more then welcome, I may or may not use it, but it is all welcome Wink .

I will get some pics up this weekend.

Till the next post, stay on track folks Thumbsup
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DEANO, WELCOME BACK. YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED. Cheers Cheers Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Tongue Tongue Tongue Charlie
PS, great signature. I am looking forward to your pictures. Congratulations on all the new things in your life. It sounds like you have things under control. I know I am not the only one that will be glad to see you.

I always wondered where you went! I'm glad to see you back!
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Hey Hey!!! Welcome back! Great to have you with us. Looking forward to layout pics and progress! Welcome Thumbsup
Deano---at first I thought maybe this was an April fool's joke but needless to say,it's really great to have you back on board---looking forward to some of your excellent modelling---WELCOME BACK Cheers
Good to have you back, my friend. Thumbsup Goldth Thumbsup

Cheers Welcome back deano have missed seeing around. Now back to work..... come on were waiting...... JK. Cant wait to see new layout plans from you Cheers
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Great to see an old guard member like yourself resurface! I always enjoyed your layout builds.
Wait........were you gone? :?

Well all I can say is:
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Welcome back my friend Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup
Hey Deano!!! Welcome back! Welcome Glad to see you are doing well and starting to work on a new layout Thumbsup .
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WOW, darn near ALL the old gang showed up to say Hi, I am truly HONORD Worship Thanks so much guys, feels good to be back Thumbsup .

Big thanks to Wayne and Don for getting me back in here, cripes, I forgot my password and every time I would hit the resend my password button nothing happened, never got it sent to me. After a couple weeks trying to get back on here I decided to look at an old email account I had, luckily Wayne was sending Gern stuff to it so I was able to get Wayne's email address, yadda, yadda, yadda, here I am Misngth .

Hold my beer boys, and watch this...

I made the first two sections of the layout today, this completes on side of it(16' long). I forgot just how much I hated doing frame work, its not hard, but man, its not to fun. Hey, did I mention how much I hated doing the frame work, oh, I did, well I just wanted to be clear on that Wink . Anyways, its up and I think it turned out real nice.

[Image: DSCN0346_zpswqmretdx.jpg]

[Image: DSCN0356_zpskzabyfom.jpg]

I started getting ready to doodle some track plans out, still no idea what I am really doing yet for sure, I do know I want the mainline to run around the whole layout with no more then two switches to get on or off of it. Large curves is a must on the mainline also, this way I can run all the real big stuff I have. I have also decided to do it in the theme of out west, this will be real challenging for me as I have never modeled that type of scenery. Other then that, I am totally lost at this point :oops: . Again, its going to be 16'x11' 2' wide 45'' high.

[Image: track%20grid%201_zpssmwwnzk7.jpg]

[Image: track%20grid%2021_zpsasfpygx5.jpg]

Till next time, stay on track folks Thumbsup
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I thought you'd lost yourself in a tunnel... Great to have you back..!! Applause
Gus (LC&P).
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Well Deano, I see you still look the same. Btw......That was smart of you to inspect the wood before putting it up Misngth Goldth Wink Thumbsup
OK Deano, shouldn't be too long getting something running. It Looks like you have a big area to work in too, plenty of room for those huge UP locomotives and even a Big Boy running an excursion train. Cheers
Now tell me about that beautiful furkid in the picture.

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