Rust color paintsi
I'm almost out of my pollyscale rust paint. Have any of you come across an equivalent color match to this color of rust from another vendor?

Any suggestions appreciated,

It depends what you want to do with it? Do keep in mind that rust comes in many different shades, there is not one colour rust in real life, so you could use nearly anything.
So any other brand 'rust' paint will do. Sometimes they distinguish between new and old rust, so get both and you can blend if you need to.

If you're starting out for weathering purposes on rolling stock, locomotives or structures etc, you can also use craft paints, both acrylics and oils. The sky is the limit. Get the burned and raw ambers, as well as the burned and raw sienna colours and you're well on your way. Dry brush these, blend and fade using a variety of brush techniques, stippling is one that looks good on car roofs etc, and remember to always go from light colours to dark.

This roof was done that way.

[Image: 15139138065_653533dc67_c.jpg]Outdoor shots by Koos, on Flickr

hope that helps.

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Bragdon also makes a range of rust coloured weathering powders. I've seen techniques that blend the powder with paint that looks amazing. So far, I've just stuck with either the powder or the acrylic craft paint alone, with decent results.

Nice mini-tutorial about painting roofs Koos! Looks great!
Got an easy acrylic mix that works well for rust, and there is no specific ratio - just dab and mix until it looks right, and then periodically add a dash of each color as it gets exhausted:

Neon Orange

For highlights, nothing better than a light brushing of PanPastel rust.
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I'll throw in my two cents worth, you can get a nice rusty brown by mixing orange and purple to lighten it add white to darken add black or burnt umber theĀ  hue can be adjusted.

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