HO Scale Trucks/vehicles
I have a few ho scale vehicles I plan on kitbashing and detailing. I'm going to post these projects here.

I assembled a Mack R refrigerated truck using an Athearn cement truck chassis and Mack cab and a Boley refrigerated body. There's a few details that need to be painted and if I can find a suitable set of decals I'll add those too. Also a picture I found for reference.
[Image: image.jpg2_zpsusus44mp.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg3_zpsvjrqkigw.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg1_zps1ddrge4z.jpg]
Looks good !!! The only problem is that these mack models are going for big $$$$$ now !!!!
Yea you're definitely right there. I don't know why Athearn doesn't keep putting more out there, its not like they won't sell.
I believe they lost the licensing from mack !!!
That's unfortunate
I've pretty much finished this Mack reefer truck, painted the frame detail and sill on the body and added mirrors to the hood.
[Image: image.jpg2_zpssgl4hcj7.jpg]

I put this paper roll fork lift together using a wiking forklift and a herpa logging grapple. I purchased a set of Walthers paper rolls and they are way to big for the grapple so some scratch built ones might need to be made.
[Image: image.jpg3_zpsxs9mqkyl.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg1_zpsfzunyhl2.jpg]

I'm also going to start a NJ state police crown vic. I'm going to repaint it white, paint the interior, add a river point station light bar and I have my eye on a 3d printed push bar.
[Image: image.jpg4_zps34vvscdf.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg1_zpscia0jnvc.jpg]

I soaked the shell in alcohol and the paint doesn't want to come off, I might try to paint it grey then paint it white.
[Image: image.jpg2_zps0azhrlm2.jpg]
I've been waiting to hear back about the NJ state police decals and came across an NJ cop car on eBay. I'm just going to add the details from the other police car to this one.
[Image: image.jpg3_zpsttyu3cso.jpg]

I also picked up an Atlas Masterpiece step van that I'm thinking will get a FedEx delivery van livery.
[Image: image.jpg2_zpsgqap6snm.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg1_zpsrmrsxwcy.jpg]
This is my fleet of NJSP Chevy Suburbans. Had the decals made for the Trident models.


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Those came out nice Bruce. Trident vehicles are pretty hard to come by now without getting into bidding wars on ebay.
This car :    
Started out as one of those " car body with snap-in wheel / axle things " .
With a little filing here, sanding there, a bit of sheet styrene for the hood scoops, and lots of tiny bits and pieces, it became a 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T, 340 four barrel, four speed stick......FUN CAR ! Yeah I had one, and the factory touch-up paint is what I used to paint this model.
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Some pictures from the other side of the Big Pond:

[Image: dsc0289214sd7.jpg]
When i was a student, i drove this truck deep deep in the Odenwald (thats the dark forest in the hinterland) to destinations and locations never seen, never heard of before. Later i modelled my truck in 1:87. The base was a Herpa beverage truck which i equipped with a hydraulic liftgate from Roco. Painting and decalling and make a load.

[Image: dsc02893xfsaz.jpg]
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Nice models guys, definitely a nice touch to model a car or truck you owned and drove. Great details on both.
If anyone is looking to do some custom HO 1/87 scale trucks take a look at this website http://store.graphicsdemand.com/1-87-model-decals.html they have a ton of trucking related decals, I came across them searching for FedEx decals.
The state police car is done, I just need to get a suitable police figure to put in the driver seat.
[Image: image.jpg1_zpshryw7csa.jpg]

FedEx decals are on order, I got a road champs NJ Transit bus and a Roadway Mack CH on deck.
I got some supplies in the mail today. I'm going to do a System Freight Volvo that I've already replaced the wheels on and got everything I need for the Roadway Mack CH. I also got the road champs bus in the mail and I took it apart to see if I could get some seated figures in there and the whole front end crumbled apart. I'm not sure if it was already broken but I'm a little ticked since they're hard to find, I'll see if I can repair it.
[Image: image.jpg1_zpshxnosaau.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg2_zpsr6qiqya8.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg3_zps4jd0thhk.jpg]

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