Removing metal etched parts from sprue
I have a bunch of Plano etched truck mirrors that need to be removed from their sprue and I'm bending them out of shape trying to remove them. What's the best way/tool to do this?
Would this work for your application?

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I usually use Xuron Flush Cutters (usually an older pair than the ones I use on plastic). These will cut pretty close to the fret connection without messing up your part.

I try to avoid "twisting and popping" where I can, unless the part is already hanging by a thread.

The photo etch scissors Tom references also look good, but the flush cutters will get you close to your piece and not leave as much left over to file down.
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I have two pairs of rail nippers and I use the old one for non-rail things including trimming brass parts from sprues . No problems .
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Photo etched scissors..can't get much more self explanatory than that 357 I'll give those a try. I have a pair of rail nippers but I think they've become dull or "untrue" because they won't cut through the fret connector without mangling the metal
I am using a small professional cutter in the price range 50 - 100$ to cut etched metal, piano wires etc. It looks the same like the cutters used for ordinary wire but has much better blades. You buy one one for your life time and use it for ordinary wires too.

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