New guy in Golden, CO
Hello! My name is Aaron and I am getting back into the hobby after over a decade away. I have been dabbling since January, having brought back a box of my old stuff after the holidays. Turns out it's really relaxing to focus on building a model, which is probably news to none of you [emoji1]

I have been working on a couple of diesels, a Kato GP35 and a Walthers SW1. The switcher is much farther along, a freelance unit that I can have fun with and build some skills before tackling the prototype model. Here's where it's at so far

[Image: 3c1ea6f961a221081346b52603227a7a.jpg]

[Image: 223107a52bb7a02154f283e21957fefc.jpg]

[Image: 903d71f4b3cd67be83e6b2da82468c6f.jpg]

Eventually I would like a room sized layout and I have a working concept so that I can start building a collection of 'stuff.' The long term goal is a short line connecting 3-4 industries to the BN in the late 70's/early 80's. The setting is the PNW so I can have fancy switchers as road power, along with F-units and Alcos at the interchange. SP and WP run throughs also appeared at that place and time.

The short line will serve a brewery/malting operation, a feed mill and an aggregate mine. I would like to put a cement plant at the interchange. While I don't have an extra room, I do have space for a 16" x 70" ISL with option for an add on lead/fiddle track. I'm playing with the idea of using that entire space for the brewery with a Timesaver type track plan. It would make a nice 'end of the line' someday with a passing siding replacing the fiddle track. I think detailing that module and enough equipment to operate it would be a nice starting place.

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Looks like you're already off to a good start on model building. Very nicely done on that switcher.

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Welcome aboard Big Blue! Those models lok great!! Can't wait to see what else you are doing.

Yes, modeling is relaxing and layout building is great too. The factorys you are thinking of, would make a great layout.
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Welcome on big blue. I noticed your SW1 on the Diesel detailer forum.
Thanks for the kind words. The build thread for the switcher is here:

Freelance SW1

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I started lurking here while researching the mini layout. It looks like there is a ton of good advice to be had in the layout and industries along the track forums. All of this stuff is new to me in a practical sense. My dad had a big layout when I was growing up so I just got to sit back and run the trains!

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Welcome I'm liking the SW1!

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Welcome to Big Blue Aaron, from sunny southeastern Ohio. That is going to be a very well built switcher.

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