D&RGW K-27 #460 ready for painting
Westside models K-27 #460 in HOn3 dismantled in preparation for painting.
These engines are like Swiss watches in their build quality.
A pure joy to work with.
I have prepared it for LED lights in both the front and rear headlights.
It will get a Soundtraxx DCC sound decoder with a sugar cube speaker.
The D&RGW #460 is a very odd engine. It was never modernized to piston valves, neither did it get a shortened smokebox.
The version I'm painting will represent how it looked in the mid -30's.
It will now get a bath in some acetone before being sandblasted.
I will then paint it in Scalecote 1 engine black that will be baked in the oven for an hour or so...
[Image: 40160004714_0d23635970_c.jpg]
My K-27 in Hon3 is painted and decaled.
The #460 is an odd individual.
It's the only K27 that looked like this, with long smoke box, spoked leading truck wheels and slide valves.
However, there were no correct number stickers on my decal sheet ...
I found an old decal sheet with numbers, it was unfortunately so brittle that the first decal I tested was disintegrated when I put it in the water ...
I sprayed dullcote on the sheet, and then there was no problem with that anymore.
The locomotive is test run in analogue and works as well as it did before painting.
Now it's time for weathering it, installing the lights and a sound decoder.

[Image: 40927784301_e044713391_c.jpg]
I'm ready to install sound in my K27.
Unfortunately the Soundtraxx Econami 100 isn't currently available.
When searching my own stash, I found a Loksound V4 micro though...
I have just downloaded the latest sound for the K27, and my God what a lot of sounds and functions!
This might actually be very good.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://youtu.be/sEFfcayjSZU">https://youtu.be/sEFfcayjSZU</a><!-- m -->

Test drive of the newest addition to the fleet. A brass Westside models K-27 in HOn3. I have painted and weathered it as well as installed a sound decoder. The decoder is a Loksound V4. Some adjustments remain to be done, but after the auto tuning, the motor works well.

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