Some common answers to some common issues.

Q: Why is everything looks so different?
A: We recently changed to a new server. When we did, we took the opportunity to upgrade to a more current forum software. We also took the opportunity to update the look of Big Blue. There are two themes to choose from, the default Dark and a light version. They can easily be selected by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and selecting a desired theme from a drop-down box in the lower right corner.

Q: My attachments are missing or have broken links.
A: There are roughly about 45,000 external files  that needed to be manually uploaded. Three is lots of room for things to go wrong. It appears that the migration program didn't handle converting the attachments very well. Some attachments in some posts have gone away. Unfortunately, the only fix is to re-upload those attachments.

Q: What up with my avatar? They're missing or look distorted.
A: Again, another issue with the migration. And again, the only fix is to re-upload the avatar.

Q: Holy heck! My signature size is off the chain! And not in a good way.
A: Strange side effect of the migration is how it changed the signature formatting. If you reformat your signature and select the "Enable my signature in all of my existing posts." check box before you hit the "Update Signature" button, it will fix the signature throughout the forum.

Q: Hey, where did the chat room go?
A: Meh. Was there a chat room before? It really wasn't a highly utilized feature, therefore, we opted not to load one. If there is a major consensus and outcry for one, we'll approach the possibility of bringing it back from the dead.

Q: The forum icons are so small, I can't tell what they are trying to tell me.
A: This is a terrible, terrible design in MyBB. They made the thread icons so small you can't see if it's saying there's a new post, or old post. This is being looked into to be fixed so hopefully they will be big enough for everyone to see.

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