Bachmann 70 ton switcher
I modified a Bachmann HO GE 70 ton switcher.
- Some black and brown wash
- Kadee couplers
- Removed footboards
- Installed prewired SMD 0402 LEDs with 5k6 resistors in the shell 
- Replaced Bachmann PCB with GE Tsunami 2
- Installed sugar cube speaker in the front of the shell
- Added sheets of lead in the top of the hood

It is still a noisy engine but the lead in the shell reduces the amplification of the vibrations caused by the drive.

I had a "nice" surprise with the sound. A first test run with the Tsunami and the sugar cube installed made the usual factory set loud engine noise. The bell was ok too but the horn damaged the tiny speaker within seconds. It sounds awful after the test drive and I had to replace the sugar cube and delayed the next test run until the volume of the sound had been adjusted. It is always wise to have spare parts in the drawer Tongue

[Image: 40946486480_28edd1429c_c.jpg]
[Image: 40946486440_10662a9fd4_c.jpg]
[Image: 28883565878_2c9ee3fb0e_c.jpg]
Cool...when do we get to see the video?
Looks great!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???
Thanks for the nice comments. I gave it another try to do a video with the iPhone and upload to Youtube.

The video came out great ! The loco sounds really good...those Baccky locos are pretty good value for the money and with sound are even better...I’m impressed that you were able to get all the electronics inside of it? Oh...and the sweep views of the layout are great!!!
Thumbs Up 
Very nicely done! Thumbsup   That 70 Tonner looks like she's seen years of work and still good to go!

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I think Bachmann changed the design of the drive during the last years.

Old: I got a bunch of Bachmann's GE 70 tons when I planned to do Modesto & Empire inspired layout. All those drive were awfully loud and I cancelled the project. At that time run the motor axis straight to the trucks. The worm gear on the fixed installed motor axis drove the top tooth wheel. The flexibility of the truck "happened" between worm gear and top tooth wheel.

New: The GE 70 ton I got last week and you see on the photos and the video has (very small) cardan shaft like "all" other HO diesel engines. The worm gear is fixed mounted in bearing on top of the trucks. the flexibility "happens" in the cardan shaft as we are used to it. basically the same design as Bachmann uses it on the 45 ton model.
I think that is the key to the better drive performance. Anyhow the shell is still a great amplifier of all drive vibrations. The three layers of lead under the hood helped a lot.
Reinhard,I notice you use chime horns on your sound.. May I suggest removing the single horn and adding chime horns?

I used Atlas GP38 chime horns that I mount on the front of the cab roof. I also added a non working Atlas beacon light..

“Shut one’s eyes tight or open one’s arms wide, either way, one’s a fool.” Flemeth-the witch of the Wilds.
I would prefer to code the correct horn in the decoder. Looking at the model wich is the correct sound I need to match the model's horn? This is a list of available horn sounds of the GE Tsunami 2:
Nathan K3LA
Nathan K3L
Nathan K5HL
Nathan K5LA
Nathan K5LH
Nathan K5LLA
Nathan M3
Nathan M5
Nathan P3
Nathan P5 Early
Nathan P5 Late
Nathan P5A
Nathan P5A 3rd Generation
Holden M3H
Holden K5H
Leslie A125
Leslie A125/A200 Combo
Leslie A125-3E
Leslie A200
Leslie A200/S3L Combo
Leslie RS3L
Leslie RS5T
Leslie S2M
Leslie S2M/A200 Combo
Leslie S2M/S3L Combo
Leslie S3L
Leslie S5T
Leslie S5T/A200 Combo
Wabco A2
Wabco AA2
Wabco E2 (1)
Wabco E2 (2)
Wabco B Series 2-Chime
Wabco 10" Air Whistle
Hancock 4700 Air Whistle
Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose
"Aoogah" Klaxon Horn
Rail Car Horn
The wabco E2 would be fine. I don't know i or 2
The engine looks great, Reinhardt.

I have a 44 toner with a similar drive. It too is a bit on the noisy side, but it did quiet a bit with more running.
Thanks a lot. Wasco E2 is set. It sounds very mature, more like a ship, for that little switcher.
Reinhard, That horn sounds so bad, it sounds good. Wink I call it a "choking Goat horn". I wanted one for our S1 at the KJR but could never find one.
Reinhard,Make sound like she looks a hard working locomotive and not a wimpy thing..

That horn means business! Look out! Coming though!

“Shut one’s eyes tight or open one’s arms wide, either way, one’s a fool.” Flemeth-the witch of the Wilds.
Sounds like serious business indeed!

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