Atlas to buy Walthers locomotive tooling
Atlas Model Railroad Company, Inc., and Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. have reached an agreement under which Atlas will purchase all N scale locomotive and rolling stock tooling owned by Walthers, including the Walthers N tooling as well as former Life-Like tooling. Atlas will incorporate this tooling into its Atlas Master, Atlas Classic, and Trainman N scale lines. Walthers will continue to offer N scale items in its Cornerstone, SceneMaster, and Walthers Controls brands, including new items as well as items currently in those lines.

That does not surprise me at all seeing Walthers was never all that interested in  N scale. Sad

Atlas has excellent  N Scale track record so,I can't wait to see the drives under the EMD switchers.
Wonder if Atlas will release those beautiful 0-8-0,2-8-8-2  and 2-8-4s? Thumbsup

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Thanks for the info Larry.

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