F&C/FEBT East Broad Top passenger cars question
Put on your memory caps....

Years ago the Freinds of the East Broad Top (FEBT) worked with Funaro & Camerlengo to produce some EBT rolling stock. I have two passenger cars, both are combines 14 & 15. Does anyone know if F&C/FEBT produced any of the other passenger equipment in HOn3? Seems, I can find some info online that cars 8, 10, 11 may have been produced in On3. But, nothing for Hon3. 

Thx for your help,
So, after I posted the above question, I was able to find my own answer. Yes, F&C did produce a third passenger car for the EBT in hon3. The third kit represents the Laconia passenger cars the EBT had.

[Image: s-l500_zpspk3jxiyb.jpg]

[Image: s-l500-1_zps6e3ue1ou.jpg]

Here are the two I just won on Ebay the other night.

[Image: s-l400-2_zpsn1c1ledo.jpg]

[Image: s-l400-3_zpsyuf3q7m7.jpg]

[Image: s-l400-4_zpscfbndykf.jpg]

Since these kits don't seem to be produced any more, I just wanted to archive them together all in one post. Just in case some else maybe looking for EBT passenger car kits.


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