I'm coming Back ..... I Think
It seems all my ducks might now be in a row, and I can rejoin Big Blue.....If I'm allowed.  Icon_redface
I have been away for what seems like an eternity (although I have lurked somewhat). 
Many thanks to Charlie B who has stayed in touch during my absent years.

And to bastardise a famous  quote "Sometimes Life gets in the way of my good times" 

We have built a new train room, with house attached  Big Grin  , ( see the blog here  to waste some time,) and this has partly filled my time away from the hobby.

However back in the swing .....
Seeing as Photobucket has done the dirty I must now try to get the hang of attaching resized photos directly into the post.

Here Goes..  (me and technology don't get on ?)

 "The PistonBroke Line" is no more,




and the house that stabled it is also on the market.  The War Office and I have built a new room for the trains with a house attached.
For a full rundown on the build you can visit this Blog if you wish to read some pics and fill in time.[url=https://warmboardprojects.com.au/2015/10/][/url]

Meanwhile here are a few pictures of the new room.

The outside of my bunker

A few pictures of part of my work space/bench

.. and glass splashback


I may move slightly slower than I hope, but the intent is good.   Icon_e_biggrin
The room is a weird triangle sort of shape, so even tho a track plan is in the making, fitting it onto the benchwork could be the problem!

Hopefully it won't be to long before an update.

Jack 219
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Welcome back!!
Glad to see you're doing good.
I love those cabinets and the murel.
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???
Awesome workbench area! Glad to see you are back!

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Welcome back, we're pleased that things are working out better for you. If you don't mind, I've got to say that I'm really jealous that you've got the setup that you do. We're in a different house (four moves in two years) and I still have all my train stuff in boxes. I do have one room set aside, but boy, I wish I had the space and stuff that you have there.... Awesome

Thanks for sharing, Applause
Don (ezdays) Day
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Nice to have you back!   Thumbsup Thumbsup

Thank you for the welcome back gentlemen.   Worship 
Yep ngauger, glass backboard is great. It looks better than I thought it would, and also acts as a whiteboard, which is kinda cool.
 I feel your pain Dayze. Even this one move was enough for me, without contemplating your marathon efforts.
A largish room for my hobby, while not the basement size of some American ones I see, is a plus of being given the chance to design and build your own home on extended acreage.
Being directly underneath the War Office's own relaxation room, I considered calling my room "Under The Influence", however I can only fight one war at a time.  20   Icon_lol 

I am changing the  HO track to code 75, so need to order all new track and turnouts, and being a bit isolated all will need to come via the post. I have ordered some to enable a start even 'tho the track plan is not finalised. Awaiting delivery as we speak..

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Welcome back Peter. I'm glad to see you have made the plunge. I am looking fortward to seeing this build. 
I totally get it, I've been cut back to basically lurking an occasionally posting things myself. It never feels like there is time to do modelling anymore.
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