Weekly Photo Fun 8/17 - 8/23/18
WPMA-17 works Peter Lumber.


    A trio of Mikes at Leetown
I finally got around to finishing the upgrade on the old MoW car, and finished the newer car, too...

[Image: 100_7350.jpg]

The partially-seen one at left is an old Westerfield Fowler boxcar, now a tool and equipment car, while the 132 is now assigned to the Bridge & Building Dept.  Recently received 134 is now in the service of the Telegraph Dept.

Those improvements, especially the custom lettering designating the cars' uses, inspired me to add similar designations to some other  Maintenance of Way cars, specifically two composite gondolas from the "used" shelf at my LHS, a couple of bucks apiece.  These cars are often called "War Emergency Design" cars (an attempt to limit steel requirements in non-crucial uses during WWII), but cars of this design were originally built in the thousands during the '20s...

[Image: 100_7344.jpg]

...this one is an old Athearn 40' flatcar, converted, many years ago, to a high-sided gondola with the addition of scratchbuilt sides and ends...

[Image: 100_7345.jpg]

With a little powdered pastels to make the signs look recent, but not brand new, the cars are back in service....

[Image: 100_7346.jpg]

[Image: 100_7348.jpg]


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