Build an Sn3.5 1870s 4-4-0
Have a "what-I-did" delving into the conversion of a new tooling oldtime H0 Bachmann 4-4-0 into an early Sn3.5 4-4-0.

[Image: 0001000_cab.jpg]

Later web articles will detail and paint the loco.

Just in primer now as we need to build some cars and plan some layout.

Thank you if you visit
How does it stack up against another Sn3.5 locomotive?

Found my "HO" Ken Kidder mogul that I got as a kid for Christmas, now a basket case. It is a larger "next gen" 1880's loco.

[Image: porter_mogul1.jpg]

Yeah, it is an Sn3.5 Japanese 7100 class locomotive.

[Image: hokkaido_mogul_7101_benkei_by_rlkitterman-d82aa39.jpg]

Spent the day creating a 3d cab:

[Image: pro_e_cab.jpg]

Should have it in about two weeks from Shapeways.

Geez, that was easy.

Got my cab from Shapeways. Did the cab as a basic shape to see what could be done initially.

[Image: shapeways_cab1.jpg]

[Image: shapeways_cab2.jpg]

[Image: shapeways_cab3.jpg]

[Image: shapeways_cab4.jpg]

Came out really well.

Also got some figures from Modelu in the UK, he is on the left, very nice.

[Image: shapeways_cab5.jpg]


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