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I've often heard the term "modeller's licence" which in my interpretation means it's your model railroad so anything goes.I model the CNR in the mid 50's and I do try to keep my collection as close to the prototypes during that era but every once in a while I get into a "what if" frame of mind.The CNR T4 Santa Fe (2-10-2) steam locomotives were primarily found in Western Canada and were oil-burners with the typical big square oil bunker tenders.When #4300 arrived on the Leetown Division the maintenance dept. decided to change tenders---personally I really like the new look---sorry if I have offended any true die hard CNR steam collectors.

You could have fooled me, there are lots of things about the hobby that I don't know or care about. If anyone is offended, they take the hobby way too seriously. I remember the old Atlas forum when I first got into this and found some people there were so into what they were doing, I had to think about whether this was what I wanted to do in my spare time...

Very nice shot by the way... Applause
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Great idea and great shot!!!!
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???
Nice loco! What's a collector! If I don't use it on my layout I sell, trade or give it away.

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I think someone on the old Gauge produced a modeller's licence that you could print out for yourself.  At least, I have one up on my wall.
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Here's another example of "modeller's licence" found on the Leetown Division---dome car Grand River in the classic CNR passenger livery from the 50's which was painted and decorated by Doctor Wayne.In reality the Canadian National did not have dome cars on it's passenger roster until the mid 1960's.long after the Green,Yellow,Black paint scheme was retired.Interesting though CN has recently restored a business train in the original livery and it includes a dome car similar to the Grand River


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