Lowering Bachmann On30 Freight Cars
Hard to believe that I bought my first Bachmann On30 Wonderland Express train-set 20 years ago. Wow, twenty years ago.

Have a "what-I-did" about lowering the Bachmann On30 freight cars to eliminate the funky draft gear look.


[Image: lowering00300.jpg]

[Image: lowering00200.jpg]

[Image: lowering00100.jpg]

Engineer Bill is excited to be back on the net.

I know that lowering the cars has been done before. Never did it because most used the Bachmann On30 logging truck which is expensive and scarce. Found a really cheap On30 truck at Shapeways.

Speaking of time, been spouting my garbage on the internet for 15 years. Next March is the 15th anniversity of pacificcoastairlinerr.com. Have refreshed some of the "moving" stuff on the website to reflect On30 today.


Thanks everyone who has visited

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