!! Fabulous MRR Optical Illusion !!
Hi. I just had to tell you guys and gals about a wild optical illusion you can see, too, right way. 
Go to YouTube, MSNBC for today, 12/14/18, and find "Meet The Press" with Chuck Todd. Check out 12:38 - 13:43 !
Tell me it doesn't look like Barbara MCQuaid is standing in the middle of a greatly scenic-ed HO, O, or G scale MRR !!! 
To our left it looks like a 1"x 4" bench stringer touching her right shoulder and at our right some sort of white painted horizontal industrial slab or roof. 
Though all the structures are 1:1 scale in the background (her home city, I guess), they look like scaled down, large, shallow-relief buildings; sort of a George Selios-like, layout. Really a rare or never scene before model railroad optical illusion, isn't it !?.....I hope you too get a kick out of this as I did, while watching a news show..Let me know if it does the same thing for you... It's only my particular neurosis that causes things like this....Misngth.

To moderators: I do think you'll agree that I'm not at all bringing up politics. Nothing Ms McQuaid is saying has any value in this OP. In fact, turning off the sound and closed captioning would be ideal..It's only for the odd, trick, visual-scenic relationship it has with our hobby that I'm citing.
Mark, So.Pas.,Ca.
Oh Wow!!!!
at 12:00 minutes in! (sound off if you prefer)

If you look at the distant buildings, the front, closer buildings look So Fake!!!
It's just the way the Sunlight is hitting them. All that's missing is a train.
Great Find, Mark!!  Too funny!
~~ Mikey KB3VBR (Admin)
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???
That's pretty funny!!! Real life imitating art!

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