A new tank car for my roster
Few weeks ago, a friend modeler offered me an ACF Type 27 Riveted 10,000 Gallon Tank Car Intermountain kit. Although the fact that he is building gorgeous buildings, my friend is not fond in building cars and their thiny parts. The kit was bought in a train shown earlier and was identified as a PAM AM OIL tank car. I had no use of a PAN AM Oil tank car on my layout but couldn't refuse the offer. Upon opening the box, I was surprised to see that only the general markings were left on the car. With a careful inspection of the car I can see some very light marks that revealed that the initial owner had carefuly removed all markings specific to PAN AM. I would be very interested in knowing how he did such a good job.

The car was partly assembled by my friend. Only the smaller parts were left to be done. I decided to remove the molded on brake details and replace them with metal rods and pipings as I do with all the cars I now build. As I didn't need the data decals, I was able to use some decals left from a previous project.

After the application of Dullcoat, the light marks left after the removal of PAN AM markings disappeared completely. 

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Nice addition to your roster!   Thumbsup Thumbsup

Very nice.

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I prefer the "generic" versions of tank cars, gives way more flexibility in routing and commodities.
Good job on adding piping to that nice looking tank car.

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