Bar Mills The Gas Station at Shady Grove
Starting another new structure for the addition:
[Image: 201915193524_DSCF7891.JPG]
The Gas Station at shady grove. it's pretty small, only about 2 X 3" including the canopy. I was originally going to change the station's name but then I found that Texaco was in Canada so I guess I can keep it.
[Image: 201915195029_DSCF7893.JPG]

I started with assembling a few parts for painting as assemblies. Like the foundation and the two pillars that form the canopy supports.

[Image: 201915195217_DSCF7894.JPG]

[Image: 20191519536_DSCF7897.JPG]

I sprayed almost everything with a light gray primer, then the walls and canopy parts were airbrushed in Reefer White. The two canopy pillars are made of 4 interlocking parts each. They needed a bit of cleanup before they went together properly.
I built up the main walls

[Image: 2019178323_DSCF7899.JPG]

I didn't like how the reefer white turned out so I gave all the walls a quick re-spray with white primer. it seemed to cover a bit better. I used 'wedgewood green' on the doorframes and corner posts. the windows are all peel and stick construction but I used some glue on the frame themselves for extra insurance.

before I assemble the walls I'm going to add some signage since the structure is so small and delicate when completed.
I made some good progress over the past few days.

[Image: 201919164328_DSCF7901.JPG]

I added the signs to the walls and the canopy. I would have rather the larger signs have been dry transfers instead of the paper but they turned out okay.

[Image: 201919164819_DSCF7902.JPG]

And I also built up the pillars for the canopy. There is a basic box that I built up and painted, then there are colored overlays added.

[Image: 201919171859_DSCF7903.JPG]

[Image: 201919171933_DSCF7904.JPG]

With that all done I can start the main assembly.
Looks like it is going together nicely Smile
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Thanks, I finished up the structure yesterday.

[Image: 201911175227_DSCF7907.JPG]

[Image: 201911175318_DSCF7908.JPG]

I assembled the office walls first and added the roof. The kit comes with a sheet of peel and stick rolled roofing. I added it to the office and canopy roof panels and then spray painted them in a flat black.

[Image: 201911175554_DSCF7909.JPG]
The canopy went together with some tab and slot assembly.

[Image: 201911175713_DSCF7910.JPG]

The Canopy has a top roof and a bottom roof/ceiling. I painted the ceiling white and glued it in first, then the roof.

[Image: 201911175917_DSCF7916.JPG]

After that it was only a matter of gluing the canopy to the office and calling it done for now.

[Image: 20191118038_DSCF7915.JPG]

[Image: 2019111817_DSCF7914.JPG]

[Image: 20191118136_DSCF7913.JPG]

The kit comes with metal casting of the vintage gas pumps but I have some slightly newer style pumps on order so until then This project is done.
In the meantime

[Image: 20191118344_DSCF7905.JPG]

I'm going to build  'Magees Tire Repair' as part of this build.
Great-looking results, Glen! Applause Applause

Thanks Wayne.
My thoughts were that the gas station was recently built and then they acquired Magees after.

[Image: 201911121246_DSCF7906.JPG]

The contents of the kit. Pretty basic, walls, roof material. wood doors and plastic windows.

[Image: 2019111212641_DSCF7917.JPG]

Because its an older building it will be weathered a bit more extensively. I started by staining all the wood parts with an india ink/ alcohol solution. When that dries I'll add some color.
Thanks. I added the color to the walls and corner posts today

[Image: 201911222269_DSCF7919.JPG]

Instead of paint I used pastel chalk for the reddish-orange I wanted. It lets the gray stained wood show through like worn paint. I just scribed it on with a stiff paintbrush and then sprayed it all with dulcoat to set.

[Image: 2019112222819_DSCF7920.JPG]

Because the building is being renovated by the gas station I figured that the original signs would be removed. I made some masks by cutting out the signs on the sheet provided and scrubbed some extra chalk where the sign were to show the area would have been protected from the elements so the paint would be in better shape there.
That's a seldom-modelled detail, Glen, but it certainly helps to give the structure some "history".  Nicely done!

Thanks Wayne.
I finished off Magee's yesterday.

[Image: 201911475715_DSCF7921.JPG]

I assembled the structure in a couple hours, painting as I went. I used some yellow chalk to color the door and windows to give it the same worn paint look. The white area is where the structure is beginning to be repainted to look like the gas station.

[Image: 201911475948_DSCF7922.JPG]

The picture on the instructions showed a chimney but there wasn't one in the kit so I dug one out of the parts box.

[Image: 20191148118_DSCF7923.JPG]

You can't have a building being repainted without painters. Found these in the local hobby shop on Saturday.

[Image: 20191148232_DSCF7924.JPG]

Finally this is how the two buildings will sit on the layout. I have Bar mills Earl's Oil that will go behind these two yet.

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