St-Henri Junction Layout
I recently had a look at Layouts forum and discovered an interesting thread about doctorwayne's layout ( I am following Wayne's work on different forums for some years now and I always appreciate to look at photos he is publishing. But I had never seen his layout. The thread enabled me to better appreciate what his is doing.

This thread gave me the idea to do the same thing. I don’t pretend here that my layout can be compared to Wayne's one. Far from that. St-Henri Junction is a small switching layout that is far from being completed. There is a lot to be done before it could be considered finished and even then it will not stand comparison with Wayne's one.

I took some photos from the front seat of a friend's recently restored Tiger Moth, a WW2 British primary trainer.


Before laying any tracks, I draw a plan of what I wanted. The initial plan evolved constantly though. Tracks were added, others removed and industries changed. The numbers on the plan refer to the order of photos.


1- The western staging yard (Turcot) located in a closet.


2- The exit of the staging yard to the layout. The gondolas on the right are on the interior track of ACME Wires & Cables.


3- ACME Wires & Cables and Montreal Cookies Mill.


4, 5- The Cannery, St-Henri Station and the CNR Depot with a Piggyback facility.



6- A-D Games (upper center) and Bob's Trucking.


7, 8-Bob's Trucking, National Textiles and Atlantic Seafood.



9- Leclerc Petroleum and SICO PAINTS.


10, 11-CHINIC Warehouse, Walker's Brewery and I.C. Cold Storage.



12- CNR Diesel maintenance facility and Saint-Laurence Grains.


13- Entrance of the Eastern staging yard (St-Lambert) and reverse loop.


14- Eastern staging yard.


15- Exit of the Eastern staging yard and reverse loop (behind CHINIC Warehouse).

Guy from Southern Quebec.
Very nice done and it looks like you have a fine collection of 40' boxcars.

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Nicely-done presentation, Guy, and also nice to see more of your layout, as it's more extensive than I had imagined.   Thumbsup Thumbsup

Excellent use of the available space
Thanks guys,


45% of my 150+ roster is 40' boxcars. In the era I am modeling, CNR used a lot of boxcars. I have a love affair with 40' boxcars since the day my father brought me to the grain elevator in Port of Québec, more than 60 years ago. I clearly remind seeing one of those boxcars used to haul grain. There were less fences then and I could almost touch the car. Later, when I was old enough to play in the woods near my home, I would run to the CNR tracks whenever I heard the whistle of a train. Then I would sit near the tracks (no fence there neither) and look at those GPs hauling long stings of red boxcars until the caboose passed. 


Almost all the photos you have seen on the forums were taken from only one or two different places as I don't have many spots that are finished enough to favor good photos.


Lots of tracks in a small place but, because of the short mainline, I wanted a switching layout with lot of operations.
Guy from Southern Quebec.
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Hello, I haven't posted here for quite a while.
I just wanted to say that I had the privilege of running trains on Guy's beautiful layout.

I had never done any "operation sessions" on my layout and I had no clue on where to start.
So, he invited me over to his house and we had a few operation sessions that proved to be a new challenge for me.

By doing so, he introduced me to switching operations, gave me a few pointers and precious advice on
making switch lists and modifying parts of my layout so it can be more "operation friendly".

Thank you Guy.

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