bringing a old friend to life
some time ago I was given this
as you can tell its a Revell farm house well past its prime .some one had removed most of the wrap around porch
a sad looking mess.

I striped off the 4 layers of paint and removed the cast on windows and replaced them with tichy ones that fit the openings
then to replace the missing roof on the kitchen I added a sleeping porch
the windows are not attached yet as I need to put another coat  of color on the walls. will add  more as rebuild progresses.
That upstairs addition really changed its appearance, Jim.  I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the rebuild.

thanks Wayne this  has always been my most favorite kit I ever bought . in the fall of 61 (also the same year it was interdicted ) I had worked all summer helping farmers  in the valley  with there haying saving up enough to be able to afford my first 45 auto , a 30-40 Krag the farm house kit and the barn that went with it .all I have left of them is the chicken coop from original kit. hence its like a old friend to me , you know treasures from the past.
Yup, I think we can all relate to keeping parts of the past alive. Also, sleeping porches, they go way back too. Nice job....
Don (ezdays) Day
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I had the Revell farmhouse on my first layout, a 4'x8', which was sold in its entirety.  I'm pretty sure that I have an unbuilt kit for the same house, somewhere in my stash of "must keep" stuff.  I'm hoping to have room for at least a small residential area on the upper level of my layout.

Wayne got one of the con-cor ones a few years ago just as a memory , when they were released they were a step ahead of the other plastic kits of that era , they could stand up to todays kits if it weren't for the windows.

Don I spent many a summer nights in a sleeping porch as a youth , still remember  the sound of rain on the metal roof  Icon_e_smile

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