Blackener for side rods, valve gear, and drivers
I’m no longer satisfied with doing touch up jobs on side rods, valve gear and drivers with paint, I remember there was a product called Blacken It, but it doesn’t seem to made anymore. Was wondering what product you guys have found to replace Blacken It? I found a product online called Jax which has blackeners, has anyone used these? If so, which one? I’ll be using the stuff on Bowser, Mantua or John English running gear. Which I believe is brass at the core and is tin plated? I don’t think I’m interested in using Neolube because I fear it won’t play nice with DCC.

I've used Hobby Black (discontinued some time ago, I think) and A-West's Blacken It.  As far as I'm aware, it's still available, but I still have perhaps a half-bottle of it.  I found a Walthers listing for it, but it shows as out-of-stock. 

I also found a reference on another forum for Jax Chemical, supposedly the firm which makes Blacken-It, and, as you can see, they offer a diverse selection of options.

I've also had decent results using gun blue, which is readily available, I think - we have it even in Canada! Eek Misngth

I've also heard recommendations for Neo-Lube, but I bought some (not cheap, either) and wasn't at all impressed.

I spoke with a Jax Chemicals representative today and he said all his railroad guys use their product called “Pewter Black”. So, I found some on EBay and ordered a 4 oz bottle. I’ll let you know how it works out.


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