cornerstone kits
have  4 Walters cornerstone kit's that I decided to sell , Walters lists l 3 of the 4 as discounted ,  all kits are complete  price includes shipping by usps ground  to lower 48 Alaska and Hawaii will be 5$ more , pick up addable I will knock 10$ off price. out of the USA contact me and will give you a price including for shipping to your location but these are large heavy kits  photo's addable on request .

Miranda's banana's box (OOP) open 1 part off sprue but there instructions and sign sheet  included  40 $ gone
Milwaukee beer and ale  box opened but all parts on sprue's , Walters has it on sale for 65$ , my price 50$ gone
Midstate marble products (OOP)  box open all parts on sprue's with instruction sheet and sign's 35$ gone
Headquarters building (OOP) box open  inner plastic bag  not opened  50$ gone
forgot to post foot prints on original post so here they are.
Midstate's marble 11.14 x 10
Mirandas  12 13/16 x 9
Milwaukee B&A 12 3/8 x 12 x 10
headquarters  11 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 7

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