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Many of you have noticed my posts and pictures. I have many pictures stored on my computer and they are included on 3 active external hard drives as well as the 1TB drive in the computer. I keep at least 3 backups in full resolution. I have scanned glass plate negatives that I have done for the East Liverpool Historical society and a couple other history collectors. My fee for scanning these old plates is keeping an original for my personal collection, and of course, the right to share any railroad related images. 
Locating pictures was easy with the xp search, but later versions of windows have not exactly been friendly to search. 
I had bought a program that worked great but when I updated my computer I could not install it without paying another 65 dollar fee for the program.
Everyone that knows me knows my first name is Cheap so I searched for another free program and came up with Agent Ransack. The name sounds scary but I read about it, downloaded it and I am very impressed with this little program.
I can search 7 TB of connected hard drives in less than 5 minutes for the most part and the results are placed in order with the same name files across all drives listed together Here is a screen shot of the results    
I still have a lot to learn, but this really fills the bill, you just have to name your files so you can search them easily. It will find any string of characters that you want in a file name
Thanks for the input on this. I've been using PowerDesk6 that has a search function in it but it hasn't been updated in many year and frequently doesn't find what I'm looking for. This looks interesting even though I don't have near what you do to search though.
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