Cabooses or Cabeese
I am a French speaking Canadian so English is my second language. I know that more than one goose are geese. What about more than one caboose? Cabooses or cabeese? I am seeing both on the web. What is the correct word?
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In Canada, the plural is Vans.

Caboose is from a Dutch word (I think cabhuis) so you'll need to ask a Dutch friend.

(seriously, though, cabeese is a joke on the complications of English).
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Most modellers can get two of them to work.
Allow to me repeat my words from another forum. I'm lazy so, a simple copy and paste works for me.

In real life railroading there is no cabooses or cabeeses.
A example..
It is simply put caboose 4412 and 4490 on caboose S2 and pull 4477,4401 and 4454 from outbound ready and place them on Eastbound 197 ED14,Eastbound X2215, ED15 and Westbound 98 WD21 in that order..Understood?

Did you understand your conductors orders?

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Thanks Larry for the real world input, your train order is clear. In my world though, a few years ago I had (and still do), around 20 of these things in N scale for sale. How would I describe the plural of a caboose? "I have 20 ________ for sale", fill in the blank. I would say it would be cabooses and if you want to sound funny or hip or in-the-know, than of course, use cabeese.... However, my spell checker and dictionary support "cabooses" as the plural and everything needs to be able to be described in plural....

This, of course, is just my opinion which may or may not be factual...

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Cabooses, not cabeese

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