A Slight Improvement
When he operated my layout for the first time, my friend complained about my industries not being well identified.  I solved the problem by installing simple plaques with the name of the industries along sketches of the tracks.




I hope this will make future operators of the St-Henri Junction happier.
Guy from Southern Quebec.
The plaques showing the industries and the layout of the various tracks is a good idea, Guy, but it would also help if your industries were advertising themselves with signs of some sort.

You could add them using dry transfers or decals right on the structures, or make or buy ones printed on paper or cardstock.

This one is a decal that my brother printed for me.  Done in black, with the areas of the lettering and outline strips left clear, it was applied to a white background strip painted on the structure...

[Image: DSCF1776.jpg]

This one is individual dry transfer letters, applied directly on the structure...

[Image: Octoberphotos005.jpg]

Hoffentoth Bros. have coal and ice outlets in most of my towns, so I cut a stencil, then airbrushed the name on the fences around the property....

[Image: Foe-toesfromTrainPhotos2007third-1.jpg]

Since that photo was taken, I've also added printed billboard-style signs to the end of the buildings, too....

[Image: SIGNS......%20013.jpg]

The P & M Languay factory's sign was done with individual plastic letters from the craft department of my former LHS...

[Image: Layoutviewsetc027.jpg]

This one is dry transfers applied to a pre-painted background...

[Image: SIGNS......%20022.jpg]

The layout of ones shown below were done by my brother, but printed by a commercial printer, done gratis with an order of printing done for his business...

[Image: SIGNS......%20014.jpg]

[Image: SIGNS......%20008.jpg]

[Image: SIGNS......%20003.jpg]

[Image: SIGNS......%20005.jpg]

These smaller ones were done earlier, in a similar manner...

[Image: SIGNS......%20017.jpg]

[Image: SIGNS......%20015.jpg]

[Image: SIGNS......%20024.jpg]

[Image: SIGNS......%20023.jpg]

[Image: SIGNS......%20026.jpg]

(03-10-2019, 11:25 AM)doctorwayne Wrote: The plaques showing the industries and the layout of the various tracks is a good idea, Guy, but it would also help if your industries were advertising themselves with signs of some sort.


I completely agree with you and my friend told me the same thing.  There are projects on the table.  Here are some of them.

ACME Wires & Cables will look like this as soon as I add the windows, the mortar and a little weathering.


The sign for Montreal Cookies is already done but only on mockup.


Same thing with Marchands unis de Québec (I will need a new ink cartrige though)


CNR Depot is a well know place in town and doesn't need any advertizement


A.D. Games (a small industry which name is based after my son Alain-Daniel who is a game programmer) has its sign on the front of the building.
(I don't think such a small industry would have a sign on the side facing the tracks)


Which is also true for Bob's Trucking.


Atlantic Seafoods will look like this as soon as I have time to make the signs. This is a photo montage.


Les produits pétroliers Leclerc (Leclerc Petroleum) has a huge sign nearer to the road (but unfortunately outside the layout)


SICO Paints will have a sign facing the other side so we will see its back only.


That will also the case for I.C. Cold Storage when it will have been repaired and upgraded.


Walker,s Brewery will have the name WALKER painted on the chimney even if this side is not visible from the road.


For St-Lawrence grains I will certainly place a large sign as it is a prominent building seen from far around. I still hesitate where I should put it. Maybe on the end. Still have to design it though.


And those two structures which are not serviced by the railroad will also have big signs on the roof as soon as I will decide a name.


Your work is always inspiring and I wish I had your talent and skills.
Guy from Southern Quebec.
I appreciate your kind words, Guy, but I think that you have talent and skills of your own, well demonstrated by the layout you've shown us.

Nice work Guy, I'm sure your friend will appreciate the new plaques indicating the industries on the layout.
Don't forget, as the saying goes: "Paris was not built in one day!"
You're on the right track!

Wayne, your work is inspiring, it's always a pleasure to see photos of your your layout.
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Those plaques look really good. I'm going to need to do something similar with the push buttons for my switch machines.
They are very well done. Nice clean lines and easy to read. Thanks for sharing. ?
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