opinion neded
need opinion as to what would look better on chopping block on back porch of farmhouse. The small single bit axe or the large double bit axe? I know the photo isn't very good.
My vote is for the small single-bit version, or, perhaps a larger single-bit.  I use the latter for log-splitting, and a hatchet for kindling, which is usually scrap lumber.

I agree with Dr Wayne. I have a gas log for my fireplace and seldom use it here in the Los Angeles area, but when I used logs in the fire place, I split them with a hatchet, or single blade ax. I'm not sure if folks living in "snow country" use something different. Of course, I guess you could do like the guy in the commercial and use a karate chop with your bare hand!
thanks I  was leaning to the smaller one my self but thought that the larger one would be more visible.

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