Something's missing, our goof
Yes, we had a terrible oversight and we didn't catch it until a few days ago. We were wondering why we weren't getting any new donations lately, when someone asked us how to donate to Big blue, and we thought, "well, just use the Donate button at the bottom of the page".... but wait, it wasn't there anymore. Icon_e_surprised  It seems as when we changed over to the new software, the code wasn't compatible and we lost our means for members to donate as they most generously have over the years, ...and no one noticed.
Well, it's been rectified; our illustrious Webmaster, Duffy, added the needed code and our Donate button is now in its regular place at the bottom of the page. Applause  So, for any of you that want to catch up on your donations, you can just go ahead and click on the button, and that goes for anyone else who feels the urge. We appreciate you for all your support over the years.
Remember, we are free of ads, our promise to you, no ads and no sponsors, just lots of friends with the same interests in model trains. We started Big Blue (formerly, The Gauge) on that premise. Our only means of support is through donations and other fund-raising activities such as auctions. If worse comes to worst, we dig into our own pockets, but we never will allow ads to sully our fine forums. We are now in our 10th year as Big Blue, and so we are asking you to use the new Donate button if you have the means. We greatly appreciate your support. As you can see, doctorwayne is offering an array of HO couplers dirt-cheap here with all the proceeds going to Big Blue. That is a kickoff to a few more things to come soon, so hang on, we need you whether you donate or not, it's just good to have you around.
Don (ezdays) & Mikey (ngauger)
Co-caretakers of Big Blue Trains

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