Weekly Photo Fun May 31/ June 6/2019
I have added another project to the pile to be completed. I hope I don't run out of time, but I am optimistic. The Aerotrain was slightly past my time frame, but always wanted one so when I saw this on ebay I bid a reasonable price and won it. It needs to be lettered for the PRR and will need interiors as well as a power unit. I will also keep looking for 6 or 7 more coaches because when it ran on the PRR the consist was 10 coaches from what I have read. 
The Aerotrain had some problems with the ride, but IMHO this technology should have been developed and the problems with ride overcome. It had a 1200 HP 567-C engine (12 cylinder) and was basically built on an SW 1200 chassis. It was capable of 102 MPH, and had a low center of gravity so it could do these speeds on the existing track. 

Can you imagine what this would do for Amtrak?  

Rock Island used them in commuter service for 5 or 6 years but nothing was ever done to improve the ride.      Charlie
Excellent start to this week Charlie---here's one that Dr.Wayne should recognize

It's May of 1979 and a Conrail RS3m is working on the lower end of Division Street.



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