Freelance 2019-2
The next version of Freelance is underway. I ordered eight Peco Code 83 #5 switches.

The theme will stay in the south east and be more close to Freelance 2018-1. That layout was the first time I reserved 4 - 8 inch depth for the buildings and I liked it very much. It became a victim of the short lived streetcar excursion.
The current Freelance 2019-1 layout is fine but the "backdrop buildings" of less than one inch depth are optimized for tracks but it is out of balance. I will correct that over the next time.

Actual start will be in about three weeks due to another long time planned vacation.
Reinhard, I been meaning to ask and if you don't mind me asking. Do you ever operate those magnificent layouts?

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HO scale I'm guessing?

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(06-09-2019, 03:34 AM)Brakie Wrote: Reinhard, I been meaning to ask and if you don't mind me asking. Do you ever operate those  magnificent  layouts?
Serious answer. Yes daily! If you watch my building process you may observe that I keep the none operational time as short as possible. Usually less than a week. At least the minimum trackage is done as fast as possible. The Peco switches without any wiring are my best friends :-)

@Mike, yes I will stay with HO scale, CSX, NS, FEC, FCEN and all about 2000 - 2010 with an option of north east 198x with Conrail by building and car swapping etc..
Reinhard, I'd venture that you would have been a very successful set dresser for Broadway stage productions, skilfully changing the scenes to suit the play and the actors, just as you change your layout to suit the era and locale, and populate that stage with locomotives and rolling stock appropriate to the scene.

I always enjoy watching as you weave your magic.   Worship Worship


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