Weekly Photo Fun 7/26-81/2019
The day is almost over but I will start this weeks thread.
 This  equipment arrived in a dimensional train early this week and is being placed in storage on the Wilderson Division  The owner, Hugh Connaghan, owner of the Charlevoix Glass Company,  is hoping that the coming winter will produce enough bad storms that he can convince the  railroad to lease it in exchange for the storage fees.  The railroad agreed to store it only if it can be kept in a secure indoor location to protect all the various exposed machinery from the weather and they are also worried that vandals would do extensive damage which would be the railroads responsibility to repair. This may be the only opportunity to see this plow unless it is called to duty.  
     I think Cookie Gibson is acting as a broker for a 3% finders fee.  I think all parties may be satisfied with the arrangements if it snows. .       Charlie
Charlie---looking forward to seeing that EG&E rotary plow in action on the Wilderson Division.
Back in Leetown the daily mixed passenger train arrives behind H6 #1533

Nice picture, Charlie, and a nicely-done background story for it, too.

I spotted this double-header working the GERN Bowyer Mine


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