Single Crossovers built with Peco larges
I was rummaging thru my stowage trailer today and found a whole new bunch of Peco large radius turnouts. So now I have more than I need. I went back and started looking at areas where I might insert the large radius Pecos for the mediums,....found a few.

Got to thinking about substituting two large radius Pecos for the single crossover Shinoharas? Looks pretty good visually, and would save me from replacing any metal throw bars on those older Shinoharas. Has anyone had personal experience with such a crossover using the large radius Pecos?? undefined undefined undefined

I realize the diverging tracks on these Pecos and the Shinoharas are different, but in this larger radius configuration it does not look to be a problem?

[Image: dscf4427-jpg.205726]

[Image: dscf4428-jpg.205727]

[Image: dscf4429-jpg.205728]
I can't see your images.
I've never used Shinharas, but a friend rebuilt all of his when he went DCC.
Make a crossover and try it over the Shinoharas to see the diffrence. We don't usually have trouble with Peco. Are they code 100 or 75? The 75 are usually a better switch.
I did have trouble this week with a Peco double slip and some of the narrower wheelsets.
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(08-17-2019, 08:23 PM)BR60103 Wrote: I can't see your images.
So my images didn't show up? They show up for me??
Your images are being hosted on another forum ->

You have to be a member on that forum in order to see the images.



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(08-19-2019, 06:46 AM)TinGoat Wrote: Your images are being hosted on another forum ->

You have to be a member on that forum in order to see the images.

WHY would anyone design a software program for a public forum like that? I'm baffled by this diversity of software among the model train forums, and their somewhat questionable structures, .....verses some boating forums I participated in for quite a few years.

So here are my photos for the crossovers,...

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