Where The Heck Did You Get That!?
Everyone PLEASE take the time to read this article:


It's about what Don, The other Moderators and I have been preaching since The Gauge began 19 years ago.

Interesting thing; a few weeks ago, I was perusing Facebook in our local history page and I see a photo I Took years ago on the local history site and the caption read: 
Does anyone remember the Baldwin locomotive Works in Eddystone?

i posted - Yeah - I DO, since I took this picture, Please give credit when you can!!!
I then attached the link to my website.

It was the picture below...  The "dark blob" to the left was a lens issue with the camera.
The car and clouds can not possibly appear in the same positions in any picture other then this one, so i know it was and is mine.

All the person had to do was include the link to my site.

...... The person never replied, or commented....  Oh well......... 

So, everyone, please be courteous on Big Blue and any other site you visit...
~ Thank You!!

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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???

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