Weekly Photo Fun 9/20 - 9/26/19
Conrail GP10 7561 leads WPMA-40 down Division Street on a beautiful September day in 1995.


No helpers required as CNR T2A #4100 hauls a heavy freight up the Stoney Creek incline

Barney Secord was in the sky over Dunnville recently, and caught the local switch turn spotting a few cars...

[Image: 100_8143.jpg]

Neat shot Doc---I'm curious about that blue car behind the locomotive ?
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Neat shot Doc---I'm curious about that blue car behind the locomotive ?

Thanks, Ed.

Barney rang me up a few days ago, and he, too, commented on that car.  He was calling from Elfrida (I believe he has a lady-friend....or two, in that town).
Anyway, he had seen what he thought to be the same car spotted at Bowyer's Manufacturing (the Broom Works) and was chuckling about the placard on the car's door.  He mailed me photo, which I received this morning...

[Image: 100_8145.jpg]

Apparently, the car should have been turned on the wye in Dunnville (one of the turnouts leading into that wye can be seen in the earlier photo, beside the middle loaded hopper and that empty gon on the icehouse siding).

Someone missed it, and the car will now have to either be returned to Dunnville or be taken to Lowbanks, where the car can be turned on the Erie Northshore's turntable, as there's no turning facility in Elfrida.

My guess is that it will go to Lowbanks, as it's already on Northshore's tracks anyway, even though they're not the ones that made the mistake. 

It might get done later today, but the car won't likely be returned to Bowyer's until tomorrow.  I hope that doesn't delay production at the Broom Works.

That darned railroad, can't they do any thing right? Had to send the crew home and they will probably stop at the bar and get drunk as skunks and not show up tomorrow.  Nope
Back on the wilderson division, work on the Aerotrain is dragging along. I finally got the decoder in and wired correctly. I had to do everything twice. I have only installed 45 decoders. Sooner or later I will remember the + and the - side of things.  Icon_e_biggrin
I wired the front headlight so the center white lights would gyrate and the red center light is for standing. I have everything to finish except the interiors. 
Yesterday, I called Buster Stadelbauer, an acquaintance in Lowbanks, and asked if he'd seen anything of this mysterious blue boxcar.
"Well, yessir, she were here, an' they put 'er on the whirly bridge," (Buster was, at the time, know as bein' "slow", but he was a keen observer of just about anything, and you could rely on him to always tell the truth) "and turned her 'round." 
According to Buster, they also put the car in a train which was being made-up at that time, so it was likely to be back in Elfrida the next morning.  Finally something being done right.

I wasn't sure where Barney might be, though, but I got a call from him this afternoon.  "You got any beer in your icebox, buddy?  I got a bit of a thirst, but I also got sumpin' to show ya!  I'll be there in a half hour-or-so."

Twenty minutes later, beer in hand, he says, "Lookit this!", handing me a photo..."I think it's the same darn boxcar, goin' east, through South Cayuga!"

[Image: 100_8150.jpg]

"That means that the car must've been put into a through train, and had rolled right through Elfrida, stopping only for water.", I said.  "The car will likely end-up in West-Dunn Yard, and who knows how long it will sit there!  Whadda buncha maroons!"   

"I'm gittin' a bit parched, pal, how's about another whistle-wetter, eh?"  I went to the kitchen to get another, but he followed me, probably worried that I'd forget to bring one back.  "That's nuthin', though, 'cause I was flyin' again early this afternoon, and looky here!",  he said, thrusting another photo into my hand.

He appeared almost ready to be flying again, finishing the second beer as I looked at the photo. 
"What the....?", I said, "that's the high bridge into Park Head!!"

[Image: 100_8151.jpg]

Evidently, that car hadn't stood still for any length of time since it sat, wrong-way-around, at the Broom Works, and was now headed to the northern end of the Grand Valley line.  I wondered if it would be sent on to CNR's Lee Town sub, never to be seen again.

"Listen, buddy, I gotta get goin', have ya got a couple I could take along, yuh know, 'case I get thirsty?"

I later learned that not only had the car been turned at Lowbanks (the correct way), but also at Dunnville, (back to the wrong way) then again at Mount Forest (back to the right way), and it arrived a couple of days later back at Bowyer's Manufacturing, for unloading.  

I suppose we could look at the bright side of the story, that this railroad's always ready to go that extra mile (or several) for their customers.

I have a photo of the car somewhere...I think I loaned it to someone, but I'll post it if it shows up.

Hi Doc---Barney is quite the character for sure.I've taken a couple of rides in the back seat of his Stearman bi-plane and I'm lucky that I'm still here."Flying High" is on his calling card and he is true to his word.
Doc---every time I've rail-fanned in Lowbanks I've met another local at the station named Lumpy who is also very knowledgeable regarding anything train related in the area---is he related to Buster ?
(09-26-2019, 09:10 AM)cn nutbar Wrote: Doc---every time I've rail-fanned in Lowbanks I've met another local at the station named Lumpy who is also very knowledgeable regarding anything train related in the area---is he related to Buster ?

Yeah, they're cousins, I think, or maybe second cousins....I'm pretty sure that it's something involving cousins anyways.


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