Rail-fanning with Bruce and Doctor Wayne
A true adventure yesterday (09/10) watching trains with a couple of good friends---thankfully we didn't get too lost and I managed to get everyone home safe at the end of a long day---here's some of the action along the way.Hopefully our luck will continue today as we're heading out shortly to catch some more trains---at least today I know where we're going.

Watching trains with good friends---life couldn't get any better---thanks Bruce and Wayne for a couple of memorable days

Just one thing better than rail-fanning, that is, doing it with friends.... Glad you guys all had a great time, and thanks for sharing it with us...
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Glad you guys got out and had a great time. Great pictures too.
Railway St.,Paris Ontario

With Ed and Wayne as my guides, here are some from Oct 9th.  Good times with great companionship.

Ontario Southern RR at Salford


VIA at Woodstock


CN at Paris



CP at Ayr


Nice photos, guys, so while there's not much point in me duplicating them, I'll add a few anyway. 

After a bit of a drive and some searching, we made it to Salford, Ont., where the shops of the Ontario Southland Railway are located.  We were just in time to see a couple of locos leaving for some plant switching nearby....

[Image: 100_8200.jpg]

Also on the property was this ex-CPR snowplow...

[Image: 100_8195.jpg]

...and from my favourite hometown road, former TH&B NW2 #51....

[Image: 100_8213.jpg]

Here's a VIA passenger train approaching the Woodstock station...

[Image: 100_8218.jpg]

CN train crossing the Grand River at Paris Ontario...

[Image: 100_8222.jpg]

We started the second day at CP's (formerly TH&B's) Kinnear Yard, in Hamilton, Ontario, but nothing was running at that time, and only one loco in sight...

[Image: 100_8251.jpg]

[Image: 100_8253.jpg]

...although I thought this coil car to be worthy of at least one photo...

[Image: 100_8252.jpg]

We then travelled through parts of Hamilton's industrial areas, and caught this view, from a pedestrian overpass, of a CN freight passing the former American Can plant....

[Image: 100_8255.jpg]

These GATX units were switching cars in Aldershot, Ontario....

[Image: 100_8268.jpg]

...but were about to be passed by a CN freight on an adjacent track...

[Image: 100_8269.jpg]

[Image: 100_8270.jpg]

[Image: 100_8271.jpg]

...continued in next post due to photo limits....
....After it passed, we caught up with it again at Lemonville Road...

[Image: 100_8274.jpg]

...and then again as it approached Plains Road...

[Image: 100_8282.jpg]

[Image: 100_8283.jpg]

After catching this eastbound near Bayview Junction...

[Image: 100_8284.jpg]

...we wrapped-up our second day back at CP's Kinnear Yard, in Hamilton, where there was a little more activity than earlier...

[Image: 100_8288.jpg]

[Image: 100_8289.jpg]

[Image: 100_8290.jpg]

While it was enjoyable to hunt for the trains and to find and photograph them, the real pleasure was doing it with friends, so thank you both, Ed and Bruce.

Bruce and Wayne---thanks for adding your photos and especially describing the actual locations we stopped along the way.Hopefully there will be more photos especially from Bruce who finished his journey at Bayview Junction early on Friday morning on his own before he headed home.
Here's some more photos taken on the Ontario Southland RR at Salford---even though this is an operating branchline railroad it could easily become a museum with it's roster of first generation motive power

As Wayne stated my photo's from 10/10/19 would just be duplicates of what has already been posted.  Five trains ran thru during my time at Bayview Junction on 10/11.  I did not get to the bridge in time to get shots of the power for the first train but here are the other four.






I made a stop in Binghamton, NY hoping to catch some NYSW action, but only thing I found was the black locomotive with the horse head on it.

Hi Bruce---Bayview has always been a favourite spot to watch trains in my hometown and early mornings are usually the best time to catch some action---I'm glad you had the chance to finish your visit on a high note
Hi Bruce---your third picture at Bayview looks interesting as the second locomotive has a 100 year anniversary logo and the first car is a heavy load carrier---did you get any more shots ?

Here's two more.



Thanks for posting these pictures Bruce.CN #3231 is an ET44AC locomotive built in 05/2019 painted with a white roof and sporting the 100 year anniversary logo---a rare catch.Here's a sister ET44AC #3178 which we spotted in Paris ON.


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