Weekly Photo Fun 11/22 - 11/28/19
WPMA-17 switches out loads for empties at Agway.


I went on a little railfan outing today to the KTM division and these were the rewards for my labor.                                                                                 
Bruce and Charlie---I always look forward to your photos.Looks like you had a great day on the KTM Division Charlie---I enjoyed the ride along.

Back in Leetown Mikado 3239 heads a caboose hop to Beeton

CNR H6 Ten-wheeler 1533 stops at the stand-pipe to fill her tender.Mike 3377 will then take the lead to double-head this westbound passenger train out of Leetown 

During the winter the seaway is closed and grain from the west is transported by rail to the ocean ports of Montreal and Portland Maine in the USA.Leetown becomes an important location as crews are changed and locomotives are fueled and watered here.Here's the power from a grain extra which just arrived after crossing the US/Canadian border at Windsor Ontario


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