2-rail O-scale, 52 Freight Cars of Various Types from Estate Sale
Approx ten years ago I had occasion to purchase a big batch of 2-rail scale freight cars from an estate of a fellow who just loved to build and assemble model railroad cars. I bought them even while I am basically an HO guy. At the time I thought I would take them to my retirement in Thailand where I was thinking of setting up an HO, O, and maybe an On30 layouts over there. Things changed, I moved to St Augustine, FL where I am building a HO layout.

About a year ago I sold off a beautiful O scale steam loco I had bought to pull these cars. Today I got these 5 boxes of freight cars out on my stowage and intend to photo and inventory them tomorrow, then put them up for sale. I intend to sell them cheap, and in groups by the box instead of individually. At this time the boxes have 8, 10, 10, 11, 11, and 3 cars each. Most of those boxes are the size you would find at Staples with multi reams of copy paper in them.

If you have a look at this photo hosting site,....you will find about 7 albums with photos of the individual cars

Pretty inexpensive for nicely detailed vintage Atlas/Roco cars....most are $15 each

[Image: dscf4817-jpg.41671]

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