Weekly Photo Fun 1/10 - 1/16/20
WPMA-29 makes a pick up at T & T Freezers.


This tug boat showed up near the mouth of the Maitland River yesterday, and I managed to get a couple shots of it...

[Image: 100_8464.jpg]

[Image: 100_8471.jpg]

...before it sailed away to who-knows-where.  Perhaps it'll show up somewhere else.

A recent announcement will have a major impact on the Leetown Division.GERN owner Cookie Gibson reported that GERN is expanding and hiring..." Ongoing demand for GERN products and the introduction of a new line of personal flux infused TANKCAR,we need to increase and speed our distribution to the suppliers".Cookie has partnered with the Erie Northshore RR to establish the ENRR Marine Division.GERN products can now be shipped across Lake Erie on barges from Port Maitland to Christophers Landing.New facilities including a loading dock and added rail yards have been built at Christophers Landing.One of the tugs from the ENRR Marine Division is the Anne Marie seen here on her maiden voyage.There are a lot of happy people in Leetown especially the local "train-nuts" who now have many new photo opportunities down on the docks.  

Catching the tug Anne Marie on the Maitland River was a huge surprise but the train action was pretty good as well.


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