Construction at Christophers Landing of a car float and rail yard has been a boon to the local economy with the creation of many new jobs.Back in Leetown the railroad has also seen an increase in traffic as special equipment has been transported to the construction site including this bulldozer which is heading out after being secured with chains by the riggers.


Nice load.

Something different at the Pinelands Industrial Park.







Hi Bruce---the bulldozer belongs to one of Leetown's largest and successful companies---Welsh Construction.
The fellow in the red shirt must be the foreman. Never known a foreman to not stand around with his hand in his pockets or stare off in the distance while holding a clipboard.

[Image: np_F-1ani.gif][Image: goog.gif]
When Zoltan Kiss (pronounced Kish) decided to come to Canada, he couldn't bear the thought of leaving his beloved Opel truck behind, so he simply brought it along on the ship with him.

He had a little difficulty getting licence plates for it, though, as it's a right-hand drive.  Always resourceful, he slipped the licence Inspector a 1,000 forint note, and, with a promise to install a mirror on the vehicle's left side, he had a driver's licence and plates for his truck. 
When the Inspector went to the bank to convert the note, he got $4.30 Cdn. for it, but of course, he could do nothing about it, as it would reveal that he had accepted a bribe.

Zollie recently dropped by AirLine Junction to visit his friend, Laszlo Hoffentoth, also from the Old Country, and clowned it up a bit while Laszlo snapped this photo...

[Image: 100_8506.jpg]

Laszlo once mentioned to me that if you said Zollie's name quickly and with some force, it sounded like a sneeze


(I never met the real Zollie, but my dad had worked with him at one time, and he's the one who told me about the guy whose name sounded like a sneeze.)

Some of the workers at the Christophers Landing construction sight were wondering who the new guy in the red truck was---a few have spoken to him but because of Zollie's heavy accent they still don't know whether he sneezed every time they asked his name.

That's a great background story. Does he always wear a white suit up to drive his truck?

(01-18-2020, 08:31 AM)bdw9535 Wrote: Wayne,

...Does he always wear a white suit up to drive his truck?


Maybe one of those white jackets with the extra-long wraparound arms might be more appropriate, but Zollie's jacket is actually a light grey.

He's a pretty slim guy, certainly no Atlas, although I believe that may be his origin.  As you can see in the photo below, he also has a deformed left hand.  It was self-inflicted by his habit of pounding on the table, protesting "I din' take it!" every time his neighbour accused him of stealing.  I believe that it may have been his reason for emigrating.

[Image: 100_8500.jpg]

I must say, though, that's a pretty snappy-looking truck. Thumbsup Thumbsup


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