CNR Wood Boxcars
Here are two CNR Wood Boxcars assembled from Funaro & Camerlengo kits.

Guy from Southern Quebec.
Hey, Guy, good to hear from you again!

Nice work on the F&C kits.

While they're not exact models of CNR cars, the old Train Miniature (and Train Miniature of Illinois, and Walthers' version of them, too) single-sheathed boxcars are not bad stand-ins for the CNR cars.

I have several of them, all modified somewhat (free-standing grabirons, metal sill steps, and some representation of underbody brake gear), but some have had their ends replaced with ones from Tichy.  I've also modified the doors and overly-large door tracks, and used C-D-S dry transfers to letter them.    These cars can be found at very reasonable prices on-line and at train shows, too.

Here are a few I photographed on the Maitland River bridge, during an otherwise quiet day of fishing...

[Image: Freightcarphotos045.jpg]

[Image: Freightcarphotos044.jpg]

[Image: Freightcarphotos039.jpg]

[Image: Freightcarphotos028.jpg]

[Image: Freightcarphotos027.jpg]

Guy & Wayne, your cars look excellent!


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