Control panel I built
Hi all, I've made a control panel for my layout.
I used 10 mm thick MDF.
It's 18" x 6.5" in size, which was the minimum I wanted.
[Image: ntEbCykl.jpg]
I drew the plan and then drilled all the holes for the LEDs and push buttons.

[Image: x8RsCf8l.jpg]
I counter drilled the holes from the backside to make it possible to add the LED and the nuts for the push buttons.

[Image: uETYwYyl.jpg]
I primed it with cellulose first and then black Badger Stynylrez primer.

[Image: aUh7dDil.jpg]
I then airbrush painted white where the track lines were going to be.

[Image: Nrg19NWl.jpg]
I masked the lines with 1/16" automotive masking tape. I painted over the tape with white to minimize the risk of bleeding.

[Image: JBo3HzBl.jpg]
The panel was then painted with dark green acrylic paint. Around the tracks I shaded with black.

[Image: N8ngO00l.jpg]
This is how it looked when I removed the masking tape.

[Image: h6lJHyll.jpg]
I added texts with Microscale decals.

[Image: mprImb4l.jpg]
The panel is clearcoated with Alclad matte.

Now it's the fun part; installing all the electrical bits.
[Image: cBnbhhml.jpg]
I use the panel control system from MGP Here in Sweden, a very competent system with its own programming app and uses Loconet for communication.
Good job, looks great, and yeah, the fun part is indeed doing the wiring....
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Compared to my old layout that had manual switches with pushrods and polarity micro switches etc. This is so much easier.
And the cost?

15 turnout control including servos and hardware (push buttons, LEDs, Computer/phone interphase, Panel decoder, servo decoders and LED control) was about $260.

That's $17 per turnout!

The big advantage is that this system is so very competent, it can have routes, signal control, reverse loop control and a myriad of other functions.

And, it can do it either as a standalone system (using its own Loconet bus) or connected to the DCC system or computer!
Made some more on the control panel.

[Image: ARr1Ysxl.jpg]
The panel has all the circuit boards installed and tested.
From left to right it is; Loconet power termination, Panel decoder and three LED control boards.

[Image: vmMjhkZl.jpg] 
I also installed a connector for the throttles.
Just need to trim the edges.
Now I can install the panel on the layout and install all the servos.

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