Ontario Southland Railway
The Ontario Southland Railway is an active short-line railroad located in south-western Ontario approximately an hour and a half from my hometown.The main shop is located in Salford Ontario.It's a rail-fans dream road as the motive power for the OSR consists of many first generation diesels including F9 cab units,GP7's,SW1200 RS switchers and many MLW/ALCO models.The shop is like a museum and the staff have always been very receptive to the fans taking photos.Bruce,Wayne and I visited the site around a year ago and took many pictures.I recently came across an un-named photographer's picture of one of the road's SW1200RS that received a very attractive paint job. 

That is a sharp paint job!

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I don't recall seeing that locomotive, with or without the snazzy paint job, on our last visit there.  The SW1200RS locos are probably my favourite offerings from EMD/GMDD.

Hi Doc---I believe the OSR has two SW1200RS locomotives on it's roster---both ex CP---#1210 and 1244.The repainted #1245 is the former 1244.

If you check osrinc.ca you find three RS1200 on their roster. 1210/1244 are usually doing the inplant switching at CAMI but you can see them sometimes working the interchange at Ingersoll

[Image: 1280_6137653835326361.jpg]

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