saving paint?
I was looking for a good primer in small quantities and found this video about decanting rattle cans. I think this could be very useful as did many commenters with a lot of ideas to add.
Hmm!  That actually makes sense, probably why I never thought of it. Misngth  Thanks for sharing that, Charlie.

I've been using Alclad II Grey Primer, a lacquer-based primer and microfiller.   It comes in a 4oz. plastic bottle and is ready-to-use - no thinning required.  The bottle, like a rattle-can, has metal agitators to ensure thorough mixing.

It works great in an airbrush, on both metal and plastic, (probably on wood, too, if you're building wooden models). 

I've never cared for rattle cans, especially since I never had much success using them.  The video offers a good alternative, although I'd guess that the rattle cans still languishing about around here have likely solidified by now.


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