Making Switches Running Flawless

several years ago i had the opportunity to purchase a bunch of second hand Shinohara Code70 switches:

[Image: dsc09530inu78.jpg]
There were some #6's, a pair of #8's and 3-way #6.

[Image: dsc09532zvu1c.jpg]
A while i was dreaming what could be done with these switches if ... But that was still a deam. May be become true in the future.

[Image: dsc09598f3sl0.jpg]
All have all metal frogs and have to be live wired.

[Image: dsc09534psu5i.jpg]
This were my first Code70 track and here is a comparison between Code 70 and code 83.

[Image: dsc09533dbujy.jpg]
A comparison between old Shinohara Code70 (above) and one of the very last and DCC-friendly 3-way switches from Walther's made by Shinohara.

Are these the ones with the points as a solid unit?
One of my friends changed to DCC and found that they shorted out so replaced them with rail.
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