Weekly Photo Fun 1/14 - 1/20/22
Nothing new from me this week.   YPMA-02 making a pick up of an empty refrigeration car at Flying Fish Brewery.


Local LHS1 gets the main early and is heading for the first job of the day.    
Daily visitors from Dunnville have arrived in Leetown.

[Image: 51821049191_4e99717184_k.jpg]P1450768 by Ed Creechan, on Flickr
Nice shots guys! Applause Icon_e_biggrin

To be honest, I have been working 60 hour weeks(I'm getting way to old for this crap) , thus, I havent had much time to run trains and take pics Nope  . 

An older shot of 840 running on an excursion...
[Image: hJWKXrP.jpg]
[Image: sig2.jpg]-Deano
[Image: up_turb10k_r.gif]

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