Weekly Photo Fun 4/29 to 5/5/2022
With the weather being nice I have not had a chance to get on the computer until now. Spent the day working outside and the evening recovering. So better late than never here is the Weekly Photo Fun.

Coal hoppers being taken to the Power Plant by a Reading GP30 (Bachmann) running long hood forward.

[Image: IAa5m7H.jpg]

[Image: Y8t46x5.jpg]

[Image: CCWnWT7.jpg]
Silence is golden but Duct tape is silver
Ridley Keystone & Mountain Railroad
My Rail Images Gallery
Thankfully computer issues have been resolved---a big thanks to Deano for keeping the thread going last week.Here's a shot of the EG&E Aberdeen shops in the west end of Leetown. 

A fast reefer train led by a trio of Fairbanks Morse C Line locomotives rounding the curve below the Wilderson Distillery.      Charlie
Thanks to Charlie, Ed, Tom, Deano and Serge for keeping the thread going.  I have been laid up the last couple weeks and today was the first day felt like venturing down into the basement.

WPMA-17 moves into Peter Lumber to make a pick up of an empty box car.



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