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here is another examle of the Hausfrauenpanzer (housewife tanks):
[Image: dsc069808xcov.jpg]
That's not a Rapido and it's not even a Chevrolet.

[Image: dsc06979ljf7j.jpg]
It is a Ford LTD Country Squire of the 8th generation by Brekina.

[Image: dsc06978uudzs.jpg]

[Image: dsc069773vcj9.jpg]

[Image: dsc06976cucyb.jpg]
Again make your own comparisons.


Have been following along on your rebuilds, very nice modeling.  If your looking to change your wheels on the Atlas, Athearn or Brekina trucks, look at the Masterbilt Models website.  They make replacement resin wheels for those model trucks. 


@ Bruce
Sorry when trying to get to the Masterbilt Models homepage: Error 403 Forbidden.
I am cautious here when my safe guard shows this in deep red.

[Image: dsc07831uxiza.jpg]
Got another squarebody, this time more on the commercial side. Model is from Trident. Here i experimented with wheels, the mounted ones are from brekina and intended for the Opel Blitz 1,75t. I wanted dual tires on the rear axle.

[Image: dsc08250x0ik0.jpg]
The stakebed truck was occupied by farm hands.

[Image: dsc082524wfq2.jpg]

[Image: dsc08253iofo6.jpg]
The bed was filled with baskets with vegetables.

[Image: dsc08256gud04.jpg]
Some mudflaps on the rear.

[Image: dsc08255kcewi.jpg]

[Image: dsc08254qocq3.jpg]
And still another farm truck hits the road. Two lazy farmhands on their way to the big city. "Where country bumpkins never had been before ..."


Just a few added items to your trucks makes them stand out, nice modeling. 
I went on the Masterbilt Models site before posting this and did not get an error message.  I received my wheels for the Atlas LNT 9000 and two Mack RS 700 trucks from them today.  You mentioned earlier about the amount of glue being used on the Brekina models, the Macks fall into that category, got the front bumpers off but the cab is glued on to the frame and did not want to force anything for fear of damaging the trucks.

Here's a shot of the Atlas wheels.



[Image: 47295922nm.jpg]

[Image: 47295923di.jpg]

[Image: 47295924mi.jpg]

Brekina Mack Model R just unboxed. I was not amused with these models. Note postion of fifth wheel. This may work for RV semi trailers, but is ridicolous for commercial semis.

Started levering it with a big screw driver to separate the parts. Especially under the rear wall of the cab you have to exert rather big forces to get it separated.

[Image: 47295964te.jpg]

This time the axles were not knurrled at the ends. So wheel demounting was straightforward. The "Hollywood" type bumper was reduced to a normal one.

[Image: 47295968by.jpg]

[Image: 47295969qb.jpg]

[Image: 47295970on.jpg]

Putting a driver into the cab. The driver's seat had to be lowered and the figurine too.

[Image: 47295958pm.jpg]

There had some work to bedone to mount the cab square. Plus make a new seating for the front axle.

[Image: 47296030to.jpg]

[Image: 47296032bz.jpg]

[Image: 47296033rm.jpg]

[Image: 47296036jx.jpg]

Now this Mack look more though as a Mack and be able to drive on muddy uneven ground of construction sites.

[Image: 47296059gu.jpg]

[Image: 47296060fp.jpg]

[Image: 47296062bm.jpg]

For comparison, a further Mack truck unaltered just out of the box. There is the Mack Bulldog onto the bonnet, no rubber duck.

Wow these are phenomenal!
Modeling the East Broad Top as it was between 1937-1942

this time the building of a classic bulldozer:

[Image: dsc08131arccn.jpg]
This is the content of an Artitec kit.
Artitec is a Dutch manufacturer of many useful items. But Warning! The content of this link may hooking you:
Out of this assortement:
There is also a WW2 military version with Le Tourneau blade available:
And both are also availabe als ready made models.

[Image: dsc08132bxe62.jpg]
Building of the kit is not difficult. Altough made out of resine, nearly all parts were free of flash and imperfections. So cleaning work is reduced to a minimum.
Here is started with the mounting of the controls to the body.

[Image: dsc081336lflq.jpg]
The tracks are not mounted in this stage, because it is easier to paint the kit.

[Image: dsc081346hdhp.jpg]

[Image: dsc08135rjfzg.jpg]

[Image: dsc081364acne.jpg]

[Image: dsc08138sjf0g.jpg]
This is now the intermediate result. The model will be weathered later by Speziguzi.

The prototype is a Caterpillar D7 with a Caterpillar blade and front mounted No. 24 cable control.

Absolutely fantastic with the details on your models. Impressive to say the least. Applause
Don (ezdays) Day
Board administrator and

starting the conversion of an GMC General:
[Image: dsc065772kc5y.jpg]
The left one was just unboxed. Here too the front axle was in low rider position. At the right one this was already corrected.
The priming of the idea was the pile of old Herpa parts Jürgen allocated me. He builds trucks of German prototype of 1970's and 1980's out of those stuff. Mostly Mercedes Benz NG and MAN F8. So he has no use for US parts. As tradeoff he got my German stuff. A real win-win transaction.

[Image: dsc07800jrcvi.jpg]

[Image: dsc0780113d5j.jpg]

[Image: dsc07802rgfp9.jpg]

[Image: dsc07803lweyz.jpg]

[Image: dsc07804haczv.jpg]
In a nutshell:
- Alter the position of the front axle. The axle has to be set so that the front of the vehicle will be raised up about app. 1.5mm.
- Remove this ugly sleeper and put it away.
- Make a pusher axle out of the stuff.
- Shorten the Herpa dumb bed.
- Complement the ribbes side with an additional rib made out ouf triangular plastic profile.
- Mount dump bed and tipping mechanism onto the frame.
- Take the time, consider the model thoroughly.
- Think what is not looking as it should be.
- Consult photos of real US dump trucks and compare to your model.


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