An LV GP38 to D&H, DC to DCC conversion project
(01-25-2023, 08:01 PM)TMo Wrote: PART 2, Scene 3 Continued

  Next task is forward and reverse lighting.  I'll be installing LEDs with 1000 Ohm resistors in line with the positive terminal.  
  As far as wiring the lights go, the white wire in the harness with be soldered to the resistor for the front light, yellow for the back light.  Since they only provide one wire for the common low side for both lights, I'll probably run the blue wire up to the front and solder a pigtail that'll connect to the rear light as well.

Todd, I am just reminding you that the blue wire is the positive side. In regarding this I don't know if you realise that because you mention putting the resistors in line with the positive terminal then you mention the yellow and white wires which are the negative side.  I drill and tap a hole in the frame by the rear of the motor and use a #2 screw to secure a tab to solder that chassis wire. That keeps it out of the way of the drive shafts. I also use plastic electrical tape to make loops to secure the decoders and wires. I mount the decoders to a piece of styrene I glue to the motor housing and the headlight wires are all that goes in the shell I use 1.8mm LEDs for headlights and drill and glue them to the headlight assembly. 

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