An LV GP38 to D&H, DC to DCC conversion project
Part VIII - Weathering the Beast

  As alluded to in the last entry, I weathered the cab without the glazing insert.  Most of the stuff I put on it was just black PanPastel on the roof, some simulated oil, dirt and rust on the rest of the shell.  Since this unit was only a few years old, I didn't use much rust.  Also hit the trucks and visible understructure with a dull gray paint and added a few highlights.  Overdusted the trucks and fuel tank with gray PanPastel.  The look I was shooting for was relatively new, but with not a whole lot of effort on aesthetics.  Here are a couple of shots of the finished project.  Started on Monday, finished by Saturday night with a lot of starts and stops.  The Delaware and Hudson has "new" power available....

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