An LV GP38 to D&H, DC to DCC conversion project
I've been frustrated with my lack of understanding of DCC consisting and the link to lighting controls while operating in consist mode.  I'd want a headlight on a specific locomotive to come on (or go out) while it was in consist with others, and I wasn't having much luck cracking the code.  A lot of pictures without front headlights as a result....

So, I think I found a simple solution (for the time being), and that's programming CV22, which for most of my decoders, I believe, has a default value of 0.  I believe that "0" means that the consist lighting CVs (where lighting is controlled over the consist's identifier) for the individual decoders take precedence, and it seems like those vary between decoder manufacturers.  However, if CV22 has a value of "1", the throttle can activate the locomotive's base address lighting (through Function F0).  

For example, I'm currently running locomotives 3614 and 7604 in consist #126.  If I've already programmed 7604 with a CV22=1 (prior to establishing the consist), while running consist 126, I can dial up "7604" on my throttle and turn the directional lighting on (or off) for that individual locomotive.  Until I get a better handle on consist lighting options, I'm going to attempt to set CV22 to "1" for my fleet.

Both CV21 (F1 through F8) and CV22 (for F0, F9, F10, F11, and F12) give the option to control function calls through the base address of the locomotive.  Don't know if anyone else has had this issue, but I wanted to share what I've discovered.
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