An LV GP38 to D&H, DC to DCC conversion project
Sometimes I can't help myself.

Put a bid in on a GP40-2 last week.  The Reading's last new locomotive buys were GP40-2's and GP39-2's that proudly sported the Reading's last paint scheme - all green with yellow chevrons on the front and back.  Here's a link to a 2020 article on the most recent Athearn build of these: Reading's Five EMD GP40-2s - Model Railroad News  The 5 GP40-2's were bought for coal duty, usually in 3-unit consists.  Once they were delivered to Conrail (the only GP40-2's in the day 1 roster), the 5 units migrated away from the Reading area, were patched out and eventually painted blue.

I have a GP39-2 version in Delaware and Hudson patches, but I'd love to have a big green unit for my Conrail consists.  So, I won it.

Just like the GP38 conversion that preceded this one, it's an Athearn DC (non-DCC ready) unit (not like the version in the article above), which means it'll soon be time to modify another one.  I've already bought a snowplow for it, but I don't plan to patch this one - I think it'll stay in Reading Lines diamonds for now.  I don't have a DCC decoder for it yet, but I'll start shopping for one.
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